Get To Know Greta

Say Hello to Greta
One of my absolute favorite artists that we feature in Union Studio is Greta Coalier. I'm not alone - I've seen many a person beeline to Greta's work once they're in the door. Usually you can spot a Greta piece by it's textural elements, the fantastic color, and gorgeous botanicals. 
Greta is a textile artist and painter. One of the aspects of her work that I find particularly intriguing is that she marries those practices so well that it is hard to tell at times where one begins and the other ends. For example, her paintings have beautiful texture to them - often they mimic stitching. And they are incredibly layered in a way that is reminiscent of weaving. She also hand crochets hanging pieces that are dipped in paint and polyurethane. These objects are three-dimensional textile pieces, but they begin to look like the botanicals that show up in her paintings. 
Greta uses intense color. Sometimes her pieces are midnight mysterious and sometimes they're bold and bright. But they're always balanced so well that they pull you right in. The botanicals create stunning movement and always have striking personality for plants. 
Union Studio carries Greta original paintings, prints, and hangings. You can always find more work on Greta's website if you're interested. And her instagram is just a s bright and intriguing as her art, not to mention hilarious :) 
Need to know more? There is a really fantastic article about Greta from St. Louis Magazine that you can check out here. And there is a great St. Louis Post Dispatch article all about Greta here