Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Need the perfect something for a couple of besties who are about to stand by your side as you get married?
We put together some stellar combos that rock the $30-40 price range!
Our recommendation for the STL-themed Wedding 
A Kakao STL Chocolate Bar (milk or dark) +
Tiny Stud Earrings by Christiane Danna
Our recommendation for Contemplative Pals
Blushing tea by Big Heart Tea Co. +
100 Days Journal by Dana Cattani +
Our recommendation for Self-Care Specialist Besties
Golden Lip Balm by Forest & Meadow Herbal Shop and Clinic
  Our recommendation for that Pal Who Is Ready For Romance
Love Your Libido Tincture by Forest & Meadow Herbal Shop and Clinic +
Gloss / Rain by Not Makeup +
Rose Petals and Lavender Bath Bomb by Sweetsop Apothecary
 Our recommendation for Your Friend Who Lives At the Spa
Jasmine Soap by Ralph Cordova +
Navy Floral Adult Headband by Vivi Designs +
Day at the Spa Candle by Pure Perfection Candles
 or you could give that spa-dweller this gift set: 
Jasmine soap by Ralph Cordova +
Jasmine-Rose Shower Steamie by Brick and Bath +
Small Spark Aromatic Mist by Aurelia Aromatica +
Day at the Spa candle by Pure Perfection Candles
Our recommendation for a Friend Who Loves To Reflect and Relax
Sage Incense by STL Herbs and Aromatics +
Flora Notebook by Papillon Press +
Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Bath Bomb by Sweetsop Apothecary


Our recommendation for a Pal With a Rosy Outlook

White STL Keychain by Hollis Leather +

Rose Petal and Lavender Bath Bomb by Sweetsop Apothecary +

Dark Raspberry Bar by Honeymoon Chocolates


-Donny and Ree Ree