"A Sparrow Has been Visiting (Day 69)"
"A Sparrow Has been Visiting (Day 69)"

"A Sparrow Has been Visiting (Day 69)"

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By Diana Zeng

  • This piece is available for in-store purchase & pick up only. If you are interested in shipping this piece, please email stlunionstudio@gmail.com
  • Framed dimensions: 16.5" x 13
  • Day 69 | “This pandemic has found me in the 'I am finding it difficult to be productive during this time' camp. I have been doing a lot of reading. I have read 17 books since the shelter in place order was first announced. I have been doing a lot of reading but not much else.

    I've been quite anxious because I am living fairly far away from my family and my mother didn't have the option to work from home so she's been going to work each day. My partner and I are very fortunate that we were both able to stay at home and not have the worry of choosing between getting sick or getting fired or the other countless worries or choices a lot of people have been forced to make. He is a PhD candidate, so his classes went online. I quit a job about a month before this hit so I could focus on finishing work for a solo exhibition. The exhibition was in its last few weeks when everything shut down.

    Reading helps to take my mind off of the uncertainty of these days. I read most of the books from this spot overlooking my plants and glancing up to see out this window. The last few days a sparrow has been visiting each afternoon, it sits on the iron rail next to the drain spout and sings.” — Tara in Montreal, Quebec, Canada