Mulling Spices
Mulling Spices

Mulling Spices

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Handmade by Forest & Meadow Apothecary 

  • A warming and aromatic herbal mulling spice blend
  • Organic ingredients: cinnamon bark (cassia), juniper berry, clove, allspice berry, hibiscus flower, cinnamon bark (sweet)
  • Suggested use: for a strong herbal brew: Simmer 1-2 tbsp of the herb mix per quart of apple cider or white or red wine for 15-30 minutes, covered.  Allow to steep as long as desired for a more robust flavor.  Strain and add a smidge of honey or maple syrup and a squeeze of orange to taste.  Garnish with a star anise pod, cinnamon stick, and/or orange slice.