Gloss |  Rain
Gloss |  Rain
Gloss |  Rain

Gloss | Rain

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Handmade by Jenny Murphy of Not Makeup 

  • 1/3 oz of natural shimmer gloss
  • An ultra-rich mixture of natures finest oils, waxes, and butters that will nourish your lips with a splash of shimmer. Add it on top of a tint or use it solo for a deep moisture treatment.
  • Rub this directly from the tube onto your lips or anywhere that need a little shimmer. Use your fingers to blend it into your skin to achieve desired effect. Add layer after layer for more shine and nourishment.
  • BASE: beeswax, sweet almond oil*, apricot kernel oil*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, shea butter*, vitamin E oil
    SCENT: peppermint essential oil*


    Its always a good idea to test a small area of your skin before applying any product to your body. Natural ingredients are powerful -- so make sure you know what types of ingredients you may be allergic to before trying this product.