The Bread Shop

Unions Unite!

In spring 2023, our Tower Grove shop is moving up the street into a beautiful corner storefront and Union Loafers Bread Shop is coming with us!

Just imagine it— a warm welcoming shop with locally made ceramics, jewelry, candles and fine art and a brand new retail shop dedicated to Loafers’ loaves.

We can’t wait to share this new space with all of you. Follow along with renovations and learn details as we have them right here and at @loafersbreadshop.

Where are we moving: Just up the street to 1532 Tower Grove Avenue
What is moving: Union Studio’s Tower Grove Shop and Union Loafers Bread Shop. Loafers cafe and pizzeria are staying put in the orange building at 1629 Tower Grove Ave.
When are we moving: Everything will stay the same through the remainder of 2022! Union Studio will close after this holiday season and reopen in our new space in Spring of 2023. Loafers retail will stay where they are until the new space is ready to go!
What will we sell: Union Studio’s locally made goods and Union Loafers’ bread and snacks.