Standard Model Coffee - Peru
Standard Model Coffee - Peru

Standard Model Coffee - Peru

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Handmade by Standard Model Coffee

  • "Although it is more common to think of a coffee grower as a male figure, arguably overlooking the impact of women on coffee production, when you start looking more in detail, this view is completely off. When women get fully involved in the production of specialty coffee, the benefits can be seen with healthier families, better farm management regarding incomes and savings. This limited edition seeks to recognize and encourage these empowered, hard-working women, who are calling the shots, either the ones who are just starting or the ones that have been in the coffee business for a long time. Either the ones that work with their families, or the ones who manage their own farms and sustain their families through the production of coffee. We seek to show their faces and their impact in this industry. All of them are resilient, fierce and go-getters in communities where males usually dominate. We invite you to be part of their journey, see them progress and give them all the recognition that they deserve. The three women behind this coffee are Elvira Guerrero and Eudosia Puelles from Jaen and Oralia Guerrero from San Ignacio, both areas belonging to the department of Cajamarca in the north of Peru bordering with Ecuador. The three of them have learned about coffee from their parents who already where producing coffee, and a such have been close to this beautiful tree from a young age. In dedication to these farmers, the name of this coffee comes from the word for 'women' in the Incan language of Quechua." -Standard Model Coffee 
  • 12 oz bag of whole coffee beans
  • Flavor notes: orange, chocolate, vanilla