7th Annual Union Studio Sidewalk Sale!

Join us Saturday, June 4th for the triumphant return of our Sidewalk Sale! 

Since it has been online the last two years, let’s have a refresher! What’s this sale all about?

Think of it as spring cleaning, but in June! From 11am to 4pm, several of our artists will be set up outside the Tower Grove Shop selling off-season products, samples, packaging, materials, and more. If it cleans out their shop or studio, it’s fair game! Come meet some of the talented folks behind the work at our shop and snag some deals while you're at it!

Many thanks to UCBC for donating beer again this year!

Participating Artists

Annamaya Clothing

Anne Kennedy

Anne Kostecki

Giessow Pottery

A Year in the City 

Wear Color

YellowTree Clay 

Arch City Designs


Shannon Roman


Vivi Designs

CloudHotel Prints

Otero Prada

Jenny Walker

Hive Paper

Aurelia Aromatica