Tower Grove Shop - Moving Info


Why is the Tower Grove Shop closed?
We are moving just up the street to 1532 Tower Grove Avenue! It’s so close— we promise! You can see our new space from the old one. 
When are you moving?
Great question! The new space is not ready yet, but we hope to be up and running by spring 2023. In the meantime, we are closed in the city. We kindly ask you to come to our Webster Groves Shop or visit our online store to support us!
What’s going on with the bread? 
The front of our new space will be Union Studio as you know and love it and the back of the building will house Loafers Bread Shop! All of Union Loafers’ retail bread is moving out and up the street with us. The restaurant is staying put. You will still get your sandwiches and pizza in the same orange building you’ve been going to for years!
When is this happening again? 
Sooner than later! Trust us— As soon we know, we’ll let you know!